My eyes are opened!

I just completed a quiz for uni regarding what items are considered ICTs and as I was completing the quiz I thought that most of the items could be considered as ICTs due to the fact that they are used for a purpose of making tasks easier or because they are electonic. Boy was I wrong! I had a complete misconception about ICTs and now I want to kick myself.

It turns out that an analog television is not an ICT because it has no digital technologies embedded in it.

So now I have gathered the concept of ICTs being anything that has digital technologies embedded into them, for example a smart television, a smart led light bulb.

I guess you learn something new everyday or it is basic common sense and I just wasnt think straight! Either way it is time for me to really get stuck into my research!


Initial thoughts of ICTs

I am finally getting used to this whole blog thing. Hopefully I will be able to blog more now.

When I initially thought of ICTs I kept thinking of anything electronic such as phones, computers, ipads etc.

Being an early childhood teacher it made me think of all the possible ICTs I have in my kindergarten room. The items I thought of were the ipads, the cd player, the telephone, the laptop and the projector screen it attached to. All of these things are ICTs right? Then it got me thinking: Are ICTs just things that are electronic? This prompted me to do some research….

Below is my concept map 😊

The study has started..

So I have begun my journey into EDC3100. This week has started off with introducing myself to other students doing the same subject. It was an interesting read throughout the forum which gave me insight to all the different individuals engaging in this subject. It will be interesting to know what everyone’s initial ideas are about ICTs and what they consider to be an ICT.  I would also like to compare whether their ideas are the same.


Hi all,

I am new to blogging and this is my first blog post. I am a student studying my bachelor of early childhood and I am currently studying a subject based on using ICT in a curriculum.

I started off my career working as an outside school hours assistant. From there I moved on to achieve my diploma to become a lead educator. Right now I work full time as an early childhood teacher which has motivated me to get this degree finished.

Let’s hope all goes well for me this semester.


Ciao for now 🙂