Formative assessment.

I had questioned my mentor today on ways she does formative assessment within the classroom. She explained how they use what is called a “plough back” where they reflect on the lesson. The teacher asks questions about the lesson and pulls a stick out of a cup with a student’s name on it for them to answer. 

Another tool for formative assessment is what they call traffic lights. Each student has a picture of traffic lights on their desk and during lessons the students point to a colour to show whther they understand or not. The teacher is able to scan over the desks and see which students may require extra help.

I think the traffic lights is a great idea however I was thinking for assignment three, I like the idea of a plough back where we reflect with the students on the lesson. I also think that observing them and asking questions throughout the lesson is also a good tool for formative assessment as students can be provided with feedback.


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