ICT enriched classroom

My professional experience has begun and the first thing I have noticed about the classroom I am in is the use of ICT with lessons. The lessons are taught using a smart screen and slideshows that have been created in powerpoint. Every subject that is taught starts with the students on the floor and engaging with the teacher using a white board, projector and laptop. 

A few things I have noticed when students learn are strategies the teachers use to ensure students are understanding.

For example, when teaching a mathematical concept of patterns on my first day, the teacher engaged the children in a digital game to elaborate on their mathematical thinking. It kept them engaged in their learning and provided them with the knowledge and understanding of the concept.

Another use of ICT I found interesting was the use of a timer on the white screen. There was a picture of an hourglass and a countdown timer to show the students how much time they had left. It would then beep when the time was up. This appeared to be useful for the teacher as she didnt have to keep an eye on the time and was able to focus more on student learning assistance. The students were also able to see how much time they had left encouraging them to work more efficiently.


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