The difference between using technology and technology integration.

I recently engaged with information regarding technology on the desktop (Dann, 2017) and the difference between the use of it and actually integrating it into learning experiences.

As I look at life nowadays I think about how different it is to the time I was growing up. Back then I had no Ipads or digital televisions and we were lucky to have one computer. Most households these days are equipped with Ipads, laptops and smart televisions. I was lucky to have one analog television.

These days children have unlimited access to ICTs and it has even become a requirement for students to have an IPad for learning.

This got me thinking about the use of technology and technology integration. Before IPads were invented, any technology that was available was mainly just for sporadic use, facilitating activities and achieving information. These days, technology has been integrated into society as it is used for learning and collaborative purposes, construct and build knowledge as well as being purposeful.

As I looked through my unit plan I compared the ideas of Aditi Rao (an American technology resource specialist) to the planned learning experiences of the unit. 

– Technology usage is planned and has a purpose.

– Technology is used to engage students with content.

– Technology is used to support curriculum goals.

– Students mostly used the technology.

– Technology is used to help instruct students on content.

– Technology is used to create and develop new thinking processes while encouraging higher order thinking skills.

– The technology is used to facilitate collaboration within the classroom.

These are just a few of what I have alligned with the unit. After looking at these I have come to the conclusion that the planned unit integrates technology rather than just using it. 
Dann, C. (2017). Enhancing your ICT enriched learning experiences. Week 6. EDC3100 ICT and pedagogy. University of Southern Queensland. Retrieved August 25th 2017 from study desk.


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