Reflecting on ICT use in a previous professional experience.

Today as I thought about professional experience coming up I reflected on my last one at the school I will be returning to. 

I remembered the technologies used on a daily basis within the prep classroom. Every morning the teacher used the smart screen and laptop to engage the students in learning literacy, using the smart screen to take an “I do, we do, you do approach”. She was able to show the students via the smart screen the task they were to complete through a demonstration. The teacher then proceeded to encourage the students to do one of the questions with her before sending them off to finish the task in their workbooks. The students would then come back to the mat to reflect on their learning which the teacher called the “plough back”.

IPads were also used in the classroom when doing english rotations. One particular activity involved the students practived their writing skills on the IPad in groups through a writing app.

Reflecting on this made me think about strategies I will use in my unit plan to ensure students are provided with knowledge in the most effective way.


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