Decoding learning themes.

As I work through task two for EDC3100 I am reflecting on whether the unit I am planning embeds the successful use of ICT equipment. 

I decided to review the 8 themes for decoding learning (Dann, 2017) and allign them with the experiences i have planned.

Learning from experts: The students of course will be learning from their teacher but will develop the understanding of sequencing events to tell a story from a well known author.

Learning with others: Students have the opportunity within the unit to work with each other, exploring new ideas and developing knowledge.

Learning through making: This is evident towards the end of the unit when students put their newly learned knowledge into practice.

Learning through exploring: Students will be given opportunities to explore new ideas through guided processes.

Learning through inquiry: One of the experiences encourage students to inquire about stories they read and discuss why certain events may happen (especially referring to the little red hen story).

Learning through practicing: The students are given opportunities to practice before completing a task given to them.

Learning from assessment: Students will be given the opportunity to learn from assessment during the unit so that they are able to achieve their desired result at the end of the unit.

Learning in and across settings: The students will have the opportunity to continue learning throughout the unit across all experiences.

It seems the unit I have planned alligns with the 8 decoding learning themes which makes me feel like I am on the right track for this unit.


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